USB 3.2 excites at first practical tests

All of us today have a lot of data going from A to B. In most cases, this data transfer can not go fast enough, because time is always short. Today’s current devices use USB-C with USB 3.1 standard to ensure fast transfer. But there is more possibility, it is spoken of a theoretical data rate of up to 20 gigabits per second. With USB 3.2 you take another step in this direction.

Theory and practice do not always fit together, we all know that from experience. But the very thought that data could be transmitted with up to 20 gigabits / second, ensures a good mood. Even the manufacturer Synopsys likes the idea and therefore puts a lot of energy into the development of USB 3.2. Although it is still a long way from 20 gigabits / second but despite everything, it has already achieved a lot.

The goal of doubling the achievable data rate of USB-C is already being worked on, tested and optimized. The result can already be seen: In a Youtube video they now show a demonstration of the new standard, in which a data transfer of 13 gigabits / second was achieved. If you cannot imagine that much, 13 Gigabit transmits about 1600 megabytes per second. It’s still a long way from 20 gigabits, but the results speak for themselves and gives hope.

Of course, the devices must support USB 3.2 so that high transfer rates are possible. Then both of the existing USB C cables can be used for data transfer. So far only one is in use. According to the manufacturer, by the way, the first devices with USB 3.2 support in 2019 to come on the market. Until then, so much can happen and perhaps the 20 Gigabit can not be achieved, it will probably not stay at 13 gigabit.