So important is the mobile pagespeed!

Google had announced it for a long time and now it’s July, the time has come: Pagespeed is an official ranking factor in mobile search. A it matters how fast a page loads is of course nothing new especially in the mobile sector, where the connections are not really fast everywhere. It makes a big difference whether the pagespeed was optimized or not.

Since Google announced at the beginning of the year that the load time in the mobile search is a ranking factor, we all had plenty of time to take care of it. The move to the Mobile First index has made everything even more urgent and now, where the pagespeed is an official ranking factor, should be worked on it at the latest. For now it already shows that the pagespeed can make a difference.

Searchmetrics has done a study on mobile sites and found what we all can already think about: The pagespeed can decide on the ranking success. The study looked at mobile sites that rank across keywords in different areas. It turned out that the first to find a position in the search are, above all, pages that load faster than those subsequently placed. The pages load in the first places in less than three seconds, 27 percent of them even within a second!

It was also interesting to see that the pagespeed seems to make a difference only for the first 15 results of a search – in addition, no noteworthy differences were found. As a guideline from the study can be taken in any case, the load times of less than two seconds increase the chance of a top 5 ranking. Also interesting is that 57% of all searches performed in the study found AMP results in the front seats. So it seems worthwhile to experiment with this as well.