Create Facebook Ads with your Smartphone!

Facebook ads are becoming increasingly important in the marketing mix. Even in industries where you can not officially advertise your products, creative delinquencies usually do and are even successful. Of course, this also requires knowledge in the selection of target groups and it is important to test again and again which ad format runs particularly well and how the ads should best be set up. So far, all these tasks could only be done reasonably on the desktop – but with new tools it should be done mobile and finally quite easy!

With the Ads Manager App it is now much easier to create ads directly on the smartphone. The creator can also be really creative and use different features and it is particularly positive that the ads in the app cannot only be created, but also edited. Thus, Facebook is finally here, the step to making the mobile use as pleasant as possible – even for ads! Many marketers already use the social media platform for the most part mobile and had to move to the creation of ads rather involuntarily on the desktop.

However, this will no longer be necessary in the future with the creative tools that have been introduced in a Facebook Business blog post. They offer many great features for creating the ads. This includes, for example, a function for text overlays, where it is also checked immediately whether the text guidelines are adhered to. There are also tools for cropping images and color filters for editing. Templates, shapes, stickers and logos are also included to make the ads really creative and achieve the desired result.

Especially for those who do not want to do without Facebook advertising, but are also traveling a lot, the new tools in the Ads Manager app are a great way to always be flexible and to implement ideas quickly and test them. The apps are available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and can be easily downloaded there.