Tool Tips for Search Engine Optimization

In forums and personal conversations, we found that the interest in SEO is growing again and many are now considering their onpage and offpage optimization so many are looking for tools which allows them to first examine their own pages and secondly, perhaps to judge the competition.

Tools for SEOs seem to be endless. From free to almost unaffordable everything is there and every tool has its advantages and disadvantages. If you only want a solid basic optimization, since the main part of the traffic comes from other sources, you often do not need a tool for several hundred euros or dollars a month. However, those who mainly rely on SEO, will not get along in the long term with free tools. For this reason, here is a brief overview of tools that can help to get back up the search engines.

The biggest problem many website owners are currently getting is reliable figures for the search volume of keywords. People who do not regularly spend money on Adwords can not use the Google Keyword Planner for research anymore, as only inaccurate values ​​are displayed. can help. In the free version, you can query keywords here and get a list of similar keywords and their search volume displayed. In the first 10 results, all numbers are visible – for more you have to pay. SEMRush offers much more for SEOs but is especially interesting for keyword research.

DoFollow / NoFollow
When building links, it is always important to see if links are Do or NoFollow. For a quick overview there is the addon NoFollow, which is available for Chrome and Firefox. This shows on each page the same, which links are NoFollow and you can quickly see if it pays to ask here for a link or to set it.

How many links does my competition have and where do they come from? This question can be answered quickly with the MozBar. Simply install in the browser and the next Google query you get a number of other data delivered. Among other things, the approximate number of backlinks to a page and after clicking on it are displayed in the best case even the links. So you can quickly see where you can still get links. Of course, the MozBar also offers many more features that you can use according to your needs. The basic version is free, but there is also another paid version.

This was a small overview of tools that can be used quickly, for free and easy for SEO. If you want to go into depth, you should rather recommend the paid professional tools – but in between, the free ones are often enough.