Sweden has a lot to offer!

Sweden seems to be full of beautiful people. In the summer especially, the women like to show themselves off in a very sexy manner causing a sensory overload in the men. But this goes both ways as the men are equally as good-looking, too making the women’s hearts palpitate and yet it is not always easy to find a suitable flirt or partner. Hardly anyone dares to address the beautiful people around and the traditional methods (dancing together, having a drink, casual conversation, etc.) just takes too long and again require the courage to approach the other.

Is that why online dating is so popular in Sweden? We do not know, but we are happy that more and more Swedes are looking for partners on the internet and that they are not averse to one-night stands and affairs. Especially positive here is that in Sweden, women like to take the initiative and all in all, are very relaxed. Over the Internet it comes so quickly for flirting in the beginning, then it goes offline. Online dating in Sweden is often successful and so many regulars are looking for dating and looking forward to finding new dates again and again.

With our dating product for Sweden, we have had only good experiences at imaXcash and it really shows that the men stay much longer and the proportion of women is high. So it’s really fun to experiment a little with appropriate traffic and to see how to get the best out of the offer. Some webmasters have already managed to get really good conversion rates and it’s definitely easy for you to reach them as well. Try it now!