Facebook is testing the dating function

At the developer conference F8 in May this year, Facebook has already announced it: In the future, there will be a Facebook dating service, which should replace other apps like Tinder & Co. amongst the users. Much has not been heard of in the meantime, but now it has appeared the first screenshots showing the service in the test phase. Although only a few employees are currently allowed to test Facebook dating, it is only a matter of time before all Facebook users can find dates on the social network platform.

Dating is a huge market – we know this and Facebook knows that too. Zuckerberg wants to influence this market in the future and to expand the social network with his own dating function on Facebook. According to reports, the application should be integrated directly into the Facebook app, so that users can access it immediately after publication and do not need additional apps. But there are some things that need to be done. For example, there is currently only one internal test on Facebook that tests the new features. However, a programmer has published initial screenshots that provide insights into the design and sign-up process.

As it stands, users must enable the dating feature in order to use the service. So it’s an additional feature that can only be integrated on request. Who wants to use it and meets the service on like-minded people, can then communicate via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

So what does that mean for the dating industry? Is there to be a decline in user numbers? No – that is not to be expected. First, it will certainly take some time before the feature is released on Facebook. On the other hand, users like to separate different areas from each other, as it is always noticeable. On Facebook, they connect with friends and family – in between then reveal a dating partner pretty much everything, hardly anyone will want. There is too much nearness right now.

In addition, Facebook has lost some of the confidence in the data scandals and just that but plays a major role in dating. In addition, Facebook already emphasizes that they do not want to provide “casual contacts” with the dating service, but are out to bring people together with the desire for a solid partnership. It will hardly be a competition for the dating business.