Tools for Mobile Speed Optimization

Loading times are becoming increasingly important – especially when it comes to the mobile area. Despite LTE and more sophisticated devices you are not everywhere in the mobile data network as fast as you will like it to be. It is important that the websites load quickly and thus the pleasure is not disturbed. Google also attaches great importance to this and has therefore already announced that Page Speed ​​will be the ranking criterion in the coming summer. At the same time, of course, there are also great tools that should make it easier to get closer to the ideal.

When Google thinks something is important, it usually sheds light from all directions and website owners also have tools to work with. It’s the same with the mobile page speed. Only recently, it was announced that it will officially become a ranking criterion – and tools are already available, which create an incentive to start the optimization really soon.

On the one hand, the load time with the Mobile Page Speed ​​Scorecard can now be tested to see how fast the page really loads when accessed from mobile devices. However, what is much more interesting is the second tool, the Impact Calculator. It should be foreshadowed how the conversions change positively when the speed increases. According to Google, a high load time also leads to many crashes in the page view – and so of course nothing can be bought. If the page loads faster, the visitors also take advantage of the offer and the conversion increases. Of course, the Impact Calculator can not do any real calculations, let alone apply to all industries and websites – but it gives you an idea of ​​what’s possible.

You can try out the new tools under ThinkWithGoogle.