Use TV program to advertise

When it comes to serving ads, there are always two questions: 1. Where is the best place to reach my audience? And 2. When do I best reach my target audience? If you find an answer to these two questions, much has already been gained. Then you can go to the optimization of ads, landing pages, etc. To answer the questions above, there are several methods. On the one hand, you can rely on your own experience or follow the recommendations of ad networks and experts. In the end, however, it pays off to keep an eye on current studies and derive possible paths from them.

Such a study, which gives interesting insights, was commissioned by Facebook and the results were also published. In detail, this study focused on second screening, which was followed by eye tracking. The fact that very few people sit in front of the TV without a smartphone or tablet is no surprise. Unprecedented attention to a single medium does not exist, especially among the younger generation. But how does that work now? The results of the study are really exciting!

Eye Square has developed an attention study involving more than 750 participants over the age of 18. The focus was on participants who both use Facebook and watch TV and come from different countries around the world. And it turned out: on a television evening, about 31 percent of the time the subjects’ attention is focused on the smartphone or tablet, which is always within reach. Of course, it is also interesting to know what time was used on the mobile device. Here, more than half of the time was spent on social networks like Facebook and Instagram – the rest of the time, especially messengers like Whatsapp or the browser were used.

The study goes into great depth when asked when the mobile device will be picked up. This rarely happens during a TV program – but when advertising starts or when the program is over, most people access their smartphone or tablet. This is especially good for major events, such as watching sports broadcasts. During breaks, mobile Internet use is increasing rapidly. Of course, this knowledge can now also be used well for marketing. If ads can run at specific times, then it’s certainly not wrong to switch them directly to the end of popular TV shows. Also major sporting events such as Superbowl, Soccer World Cup and others can be targeted. If possible, of course, it makes sense to advertise on Facebook and Instagram at this time. But also Whatsapp news reaches the target group particularly well at these times. It definitely pays off to set up the next campaign under these aspects and see what results can be achieved.