New feature in Google Search Console

Over time, Google has changed a lot, not just the search, but the tools and services around it. Some changes were great at first glance, while other changes took time getting use to.. At that time, for example, there was a great deal of indignation when Google Analytics barely displayed any keywords for visitors from the Google SERPs. If you want more insights, you’ll need to switch to Google Search Console.

At the time Google took that step, many web site owners verified the sites on Search Console. Since then, there is a lot of interesting data that can be extremely helpful in optimizing your own pages. In Search Console not only errors in the indexing are shown, but also the search phrases used, the positioning of this and much more. Although this is really helpful, it is only moderately used by website operators. Most people just look at Analytics statistics and spend little time on the details displayed in Search Console.

That’s what Google has probably recognized and now wants to encourage website owners to use the Search Console regularly. The easiest way is, of course, if the benefits of this service are always brought to mind. Google does that right now in the search! Recently, some webmasters who find their website in the search results can see additional details in info boxes. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that the webmaster is logged in and his website is already verified in Search Console.

If these prerequisites are met, three boxes are displayed below the website in the search result, which provide information on clicks, impressions and positioning for the current search query. This is to show what important information the Search Console has prepared – and to this end further suggestions for improvement will be offered. Thus, the Search Console is actively brought into the field of Website operators and receives more attention. Whether this ensures in the long run that the service is used extensively, will show.