“Never slow” with Google Chrome?

No one really has time for something today and that’s also noticeable when visiting websites. Long loading times and cumbersome usability are often punished immediately by the user and angry users are also lost users. No one can tolerate this in the long term – not even Google. Especially the search engine giant, which asks website owners time and again to pay attention to slim code and good usability. This has created a little monster with the Google Chrome browser that is slim and fast only at first glance.

“Never-Slow Mode” – this is probably the working title of a new feature that Google Chrome’s developers are currently working on. The browser, once considered to be the fastest, has become quite cumbersome over the years, getting better from version to version but slower as well. This is due to the many scripts and additional media elements of websites, which cause the browser to take up enormous amounts of RAM. On the one hand, this ensures that content is felt to be displayed faster, but it also paradoxically slows down the other pages’ use of the browser and websites.

With the new mode that developers are working on, it should be possible to minimize the burden on hardware when using Chrome. The “Never-Slow-Mode” should then be activated simply by flag and by blocking larger scripts, various queries and other things, the speed is massively a positive influence. But even that has its price: If functions and scripts suppressed, many web apps will not work. Speed ​​is therefore clearly exchanged here with a reduced user-friendliness. A trade on which not many would like to get involved.

It’s not yet clear when this feature will be available for the Chrome browser and if it will actually cause massive disruption to websites. Google itself will know how far they can go and certainly make many compromises.