Fuel the Christmas business with emails

With winter also starts a very high-turnover time in the dating area. Before Christmas, the lonely hearts are looking for contacts, at the beginning of the year, many have good intentions and this often includes a more exciting love and sex life. So the next two months are going to be really exciting and those who are doing well can really increase their sales massively. In addition to the purchase of traffic and other advertising measures, especially with e-mail marketing can ensure greater success!

We do not need to mention how important good email marketing is. That’s why we start with tips that you should implement (but not only) in the next two months:

1. Build your email list
Not only focus on getting the most out of the existing list, but also expand it. Offer an incentive to subscribe to the newsletter (eg a small e-book, a video or something similar – especially for dating there are many possibilities) and use pop-ups, etc. to optimize the number of entries.

2. Personalize your emails
When registering with the e-mail list, ask for the first name and include it in the salutation. This creates a different level and arouses more interest.

3. Also use text mails
Even if pictures say more than words, text emails get better in between and often achieve higher conversion rates. They can be set up well as “personal mail” and the recipient can easily open it in the office.

4. Write a better subject
The subject is the most important point of the e-mail. If this is not convincing, the mail will go unread to the trash or it may also immediately be marked as spam. The subject may be quiet lurid – the main thing the mail is opened.

5. Use funny or unusual sender names
Many emails are used with the domain name or similarly boring as the sender. At first glance, the recipient recognizes what it is and clicks it away. If he receives an e-mail from Bobby Boobs, his curiosity will win.

6. Refer to current events
Whether the date for the 3rd Advent is promised or you should finally escape the festive hustle and bustle on Boxing Day 2. Refer to Subjects and mails on occasions. This ties the recipient even further, is more personal and accessible to him.

Of course you can make many other things better with email marketing – but with these tips you are well served for now and are well ahead of many other mail senders.