Online Marketing 2019 – Where is the journey going?

With the new year, there are always new forecasts, which will influence our work and our everyday life in the next 12 months. There are a lot of experts in blogs and magazines who give their opinions and provide more or less well-founded arguments. Of course, this is interesting to read for someone who works in the online sector and for whom various marketing channels always offer new opportunities. At least for a short time. Then the statements repeat themselves or it is clear that too many experts are just highlighting their work area as the most important for the new year. If that were the case, it would take a whole team of specialists for each website to serve all the channels without which 2019 apparently no longer works.

The reality looks quite different then. Most of the time there’s no team for a larger portfolio of websites, but the marketing work is done by one or two people who are often so busy with their existing tasks that they seldom have time to test new channels or monitor and track new trends. First movers are rare here – the resources are simply not there. So what should we really focus on in 2019 if we do not waste time and yet do not want to be on the spot?

Without a doubt, voice search is a topic that should be dealt with by anyone who focuses on SEO. Whether on the smartphone or the numerous home kits, searches are increasingly pronounced and no longer entered. This requires a rethink and changes in the optimization, because the search queries themselves, of course, change with it. Also interesting is the shift of social media activities from Facebook to Instagram, where especially the stories gain in importance. Even if it is not so easy in the dating area, it is worthwhile to experiment with storytelling here and generate not only attention, but also customers.

On the whole, videos are becoming increasingly important – on all channels. Here, it is important to generate a content strategy through a good strategy from a video, which are universally applicable. This saves a lot of work and brings the most benefit. And where video is not possible, audios can also achieve good results. Particularly in the field of podcasting, there are still great opportunities here, which have been used far too little. But Audiograms and the like are also suitable for generating new customers via social media channels.

These things are worth celebrating this year – how much time is invested in them, of course, depends on the strategy and the resulting priorities. In any case, it is certain that there will be no boredom for all of us. There is always enough to do and also to discover and experiment. And that’s exactly what makes our job so exciting, right?