Usefull tips for your next search

When we write here about Google, the articles usually contain tips and news for you as a website owner. So it’s about SEO and tools that should make it easier to work or provide better or faster results. But we all use Google not only from this perspective, but are also users who provide search queries. Here, however, many seem to worry about what support Google offers here for users who provide better search results and thus an enormous amount of time is saved and help.

There are tips for the search, we all know. If we are looking for a particular phrase, such as a name, a movie title, or the like, the phrase should be quoted (“Search for …”) to get the right results quickly. Most of us also know that with a minus in a search query, you can hide certain results. With “Search -Wikipedia” you make sure that no Wikipedia results are displayed. Last but not least, we certainly know and use all the “Site: Keyword” query. This allows us to search for specific things within a domain, which makes sense especially for large portals, news sites and similar.

But how much more help are you still not aware of? We researched a bit and found a lot, which makes using Google even easier and, above all, more useful!

– If you do not know a part of the search term, you can use a star as a placeholder. For example, if you want to know who in your city is giving a concert on a particular day, this is possible with “Concert of * in city on October 10th”.

– Do you want to know which competitors there are for your website? With the search query “related:” Google gives you an answer to this question. This can help not only to identify competitors but also to check their link sources in the next step.

– Time again in foreign cities, you are on your way and nothing planned? Then let the search words “Events city” just show you what’s going on!

– Anyone working online often has to handle different currencies. Google simplifies that with an integrated conversion tool. Just enter an amount and the currency in which it should be converted and Google will show you the result (example “50 US Dollars in British Pounds.”) The same is true with units of measure.

– Translating single words also works great when you type in “translation word language”.

– What time is it in Sydney, Shanghai or Cape Town? Just enter “Time Location” in the search bar and Google will tell you.

Well, were there some searches you did not know as yet? Of course, there are many more that may make it easier to search, but with these basics tips you should be able to save some time.