Google deletes features in Search Console

For many website owners, the Google Search Console is an important tool in their daily work. A lot of information and reports are quick and easy to use and where changes are necessary, thanks to the many functions and features are quickly visible. In March, however, should be turned off some features – of those that could still be used in the old Search Console. Not all of them will be replaced by new ones.

When the new Search Console was released from the beta phase in autumn 2018, it brought with it many great innovations. Unfortunately she did not have all the features that webmasters knew from the old version. Therefore, the previous version remained active and could be used. In recent months, efforts were made at Google to replace the functions of the old Search Console, making it no longer necessary. For many features already great alternatives have been created. Therefore, Google will deactivate some features in the old Search Console at the end of March, which will encourage some website owners to switch to the new version. For example, if you used the old version because of the Crawl Errors Report, the index coverage report finds a replacement in the new Search Console.

But not all functions will be replaced. Some are also canceled, without which there is an alternative for them. This includes, for example, the report on HTML improvements. Here, Google points out that this is no longer necessary due to the improved Google algorithms. The property phrases also fall away, but perhaps later there will be an alternative in the new Search Console. A few more changes are planned, but they will probably not matter much to users.