Chrome wants to correct typos

Spelling mistakes in general are not uncommon. It makes perfect sense to pick them up and then point them to the right page. Even today, many still use search engines to call up a website or save it to their favorites.

Of course, Google also gets to know where users often make mistakes in their queries and would now like to recognize these users in the Chrome browser in future typos in the URLs and give a hint. In addition to autocomplete, this is another step in making it even easier to visit websites. What seems a little funny at first, has quite a meaningful background. Many spoofing domains, especially large brands and companies, are being misused for phishing attempts, causing significant damage. With this background, it makes perfect sense to offer this extra in the browser.

Currently, the feature is only integrated in the experimental version of the browser and can be activated via the so-called Chrome flags. If enabled, it currently accesses some known URLs and, for a typo, directly below the address line will give a hint that also contains the correct URL so that it can be used immediately. Google itself says that this feature is enabled for sites with a high engagement score. How this is measured, they do not go into detail.

Whether the feature will be integrated soon in the official Chrome version remains to be seen. Of course, considering the increasing phishing attempts, that would be desirable. However, many refer even without fraud intentions traffic over typing domains, as then should be noticeable for one or the other a significant slump in visitor numbers, if this feature is activated and extended to many URLs.