Will newsletter be interactive now?

For many, email marketing is still one of the highest-volume marketing measures. But even here it is no longer enough to send the same e-mail again and again. In order for the e-mail to be opened at all, the subject must be convincing. If it is opened, the structure, ie the design and the contents, decide whether the user goes to the website from there. It’s not always that easy and with growing competition creativity is needed to be successful.

A welcoming change that is guaranteed to generate a lot of attention could be interactive elements here. At the moment they are rarely seen, but it can be programmed via HTML or CSS and can ensure that the user after opening the e-mail again curious about the offers that are presented there. Not all e-mail clients are yet able to display the interactive elements, but more and more are coming, and those who are already doing their first tests are way ahead of others.

Among the interactive elements that are guaranteed to attract attention is certainly the Faux Video. Since video itself does not shine with acceptable file sizes and GIFs simply have a poor quality, faux videos can at least mimic the popular content format. Several JPGs, which are played one after the other using CSS, create the illusion of a video and users will love it.

The image carousel, which is already well received on websites, can be integrated into e-mails. There are even first tools like Freshinbox that help to create the element. If it does not just look great, but brings an edge to usability, forms are sure to be a great idea. This too can now be easily implemented, but is often not allowed for e-mail clients for security reasons.

The features mentioned here are just some of the ways emails can be made more interactive. As mentioned, we are still at the very beginning of the journey. This can of course be used to an advantage.