Alexa Skills open to all!

Digital assistants are spreading rapidly and are extremely popular. No wonder, they make life easier and therefore more enjoyable. Even for those who spread content through the wizard, the extra content channel is worth more and more. So it’s good news that you can now easily create Alexa skills without programming. In the US, these skills can then be exported directly to the Skill Store, making them widely available.

Assistants like Alexa can be found in many areas, and every day more opportunities are opened up for using artificial intelligence and simplifying life. Hotels or even shops use it to provide information for visitors or customers and in cars it is no longer a rarity to be supported by Alexa and Co. In everyday life, the assistants then solve arithmetic tasks for us, serve as a translation tool or, if desired, present knowledge from Wikipedia and other sources. However, this is only the beginning, because AI can do much more and that will continue to show in the next few years. In the beginning, this can already be seen with some skills which accesses the usage options of Alexa.

That will not be necessary for most of us – at least not from an entrepreneurial point of view. But we all certainly like to share our content and news via digital language assistants, right? In order to make this even easier in the future, there are Alexa Skill Blueprints, with which the creation of skills in no time and without previous knowledge is possible. So the users can easily access and receive our content. There are several blueprints available, which you can choose from depending on your destination.

What is especially interesting: Even for bloggers, there is a blueprint, with the future content from the blog as an audio file that can be made available. If you use WordPress with an appropriate plugin, you can do it fully automatically.

Outside of the US, not all features are available, the Amazon for the Alexa Skills offers, but it is to be noted that there is still working diligently, so that the functions can be used soon everywhere. Finally, this opens up completely new potentials and companies and customers are even more intensively tied to the assistants. That will ultimately benefit everyone!