Firefox makes users harder to track

If you are like us all,selling products over the Internet and also does advertising for them, then you only need one thing above all else: data! Thanks to various analytic tools we learn everything worth knowing about the visitors of our websites and can see exactly who buys and to which we should focus accordingly. These data are the foundation of marketing campaigns and therefore important. As a website operator you are not exactly happy to read that the data of the users should always be anonymised. Because that makes it more difficult to make targeted marketing.

Even if the Firefox browser is not as widespread as it was a few years ago, the message about a new privacy feature is not exactly happy. As it has now become known, the update, which will be available from the beginning of May, will integrate letterboxing into the browser. This feature, which was originally used in the Tor browser, should prevent fingerprinting and thus make life much harder for advertisers. Originally, the term “letterboxing” came from the movies and describes the addition of black borders on the image in order to adapt it to the screen format.

Online works the letterboxing similar. Here, a gray border framed the window obscuring the true dimensions, the contents are only displayed when the misleading measurements were sent to the website. After that, the gray edges gradually degrade. It’s very difficult for trackers to identify the users and to issue personalized ads accordingly. For the users, this is certainly a feature that many will welcome. Because the use of the data for marketing purposes is not necessarily perceived as positive. Rather, the desire is always greater, as little as possible to reveal yourself. The anonymous, the better. Of course this is especially true for users who like to move in the field of adult entertainment. Mozilla is one of the first to implement this feature, but more will follow!