Dating over the fridge? Also a niche …

Niche dating is always trendy – no question about it. But sometimes there are some niches used that have not been perceived as such. This shows again a new dating app, the algorithms and the neglected when it comes to bringing the singles to each other. Instead, they include the refrigerator and its contents to bring people together. True to the motto: “You are what you eat” – the refrigerator contents should say a lot about the people.

A little curious, right? But this example shows once again how lucrative the dating market is, even if such apps seem to work. But is it really lucrative? We prefer to rely on offers in niches where you can really make good sales. For example, with our MILF search, an offer for the German-speaking market. Even SM contact (BDSM), also German-speaking, thrilled many users and ensures many leads at the webmasters with matching traffic. Both offerings existed for some time, have many members, who are also active for the most part in the long term and thus provide for sales again and again.

Of course, we not only provide you the offers for lucrative niches, but also ensure that you can easily address your potential customers with suitable advertising material. The promo materials are tailored to each audience and thoroughly tested before being shared with our partners. So they also get really good conversion rates and ensure a lot of satisfaction for all. So, if you have not had any niche experience yet, maybe it would be the perfect time to try it out. If you have any questions about the offers, the advertising material or the niche itself, then we are of course always happy to help. And do not worry, we do not ask first what you have in your fridge 😉