New promo tools for even more success!

Videos are the future of content – this and similar statements can be heard and read everywhere at the moment. Those who do not use videos for their marketing lose visibility. Especially as an affiliate, it is not always easy to just create videos suitable for the partners’ offers and use them for marketing. In addition, the videos can often only be used on their own websites, as social networks and other sites are not necessarily friendly towards adult and dating content. It’s not always worth the effort for videos.

Nevertheless, one cannot deny the videos as they attract a good set of attention. So what can you do as an affiliate? For example, use the brand new video ads in imaXcash! We know how important video has become for marketing, so we’ve decided to offer you ready-made solutions that you can use right away. The videos can be displayed as sliders or integrated in a player. In both variants, you have the opportunity to make adjustments and, for example, to decide which colors the player has or whether the videos should be played automatically when called. In addition, the videos are available for you to download in three different formats – so there is nothing to be desired.

For the launch we have three different videos ready, which you can use for your marketing right away. Others will surely follow! It’s best to generate your code for the video ads right now and test them on your websites. In spite of our high demands, we were surprised by the great conversion rates and are therefore sure that you too will achieve great results. By the way, now is the best time to equip the websites with new advertising material. When the vacation time is over, you are well prepared for the rising traffic and can start right back!