New offers in imaXcash!

We all without fail enjoy the summer to the fullest, some of us do so by spending as much time outside, going on vacations or going after other activities. After all, the nice weeks are always over too fast. From time to time it pays to turn on the computer and prepare for the time when everyone is home more often and starts looking for a date from there.

So that you are well prepared for this time, we have something new for you in the luggage: Casual Dating offers for three countries!

Even though most of our partners tend to work in adult entertainment, offers that are also suitable for the mainstream vertical are always a hot topic. They often offer more opportunities to apply or own themselves for traffic, which does not correspond to the actual target group and converts well there. So there are many reasons why casual dating offers can be used by you – and bring good results. Currently, we offer you a new dating service for Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia with Dateefy, which leaves no wish unfulfilled and corresponds to the accustomed quality standard of imaXcash, while still offering other options as a non-adult offer.

Are you curious? Then log in to your account and request the tracking links for the new offers. Of course, there are also many advertising resources available and you can start immediately. Surely you have websites, where this offer fits perfectly, or traffic, which will convert herewith perfectly. Otherwise, feel free to contact your supervisor and find together opportunities to use the new offers and genuinely much revenue to boast about!