Payment as a success factor

Outwardly, it often seems easy to offer deals for different countries. Just translate and you’re ready to go, right? Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Every country has its peculiarities and this is especially noticeable when it comes to payment. For example, in many countries credit cards are the most popular form of payment and there are others who prefer to pay via their bank account or mobile. The differences are manifold – and whoever ignores them, gives away a lot of sales!

If we create an offer for a country, it is important in the first step that there are no problems with the language. For this reason, we work with translations with native speakers, who also know and observe the colloquial language. Only then is the offer really authentic. With many offers, the adaptation will stop there as well – but we see it as a beginning. In addition to the language, for example, a support in national language is an important factor for long-term success.

A big difference is the payment! Offering the same in every country is easy, but does not really make sense. There are too many different habits and preferences in the individual countries – and if you do not agree, the customers just do not buy. For this reason, we not only adjust the prices for the offer to the respective standards in the countries, but also the ways in which you can pay. Even adding another payment option can make a big difference and decide on the success.

You see, not only do we have a lot of thoughts in our webmasters about what they need to work with and make money on, but they also keep an eye on the customers. You should finally use the offer, with which you earn money. That’s why we make it as appealing as possible for you. These small details differentiate imaXcash from many other suppliers – and they are the ones that make our partners so successful!