GDPR a win for email marketing?

When the GDPR came into force last year, marketers were particularly worried about email marketing. Lists had to be cleaned up and new contacts became more difficult. Many declared that email marketing was dead and were already looking for alternatives to the popular marketing channel. Now the question is, what about today? More than a year after the changeover.

Email marketing has benefited more from the introduction of the GDPR than it has suffered. This can be seen from the Marketing Benchmark Report 2019, which provides insights for online marketing. It can also be seen that the click-through rate has steadily increased by 14 percent and by 19 percent for the opening rate in the last five years. The feared slump in numbers did not occur. The company Acoustic, which publishes the benchmark report, also finds good reasons for the positive numbers. So they assume that since the DSGVO the target group is much better addressed and the lists are also better maintained. After many lists had to be cleaned up, now only those recipients, who are really interested, are present. So it went away from quantity to quality.

However, in the report it was surprising to learn that mobile is declining. Emails were opened on mobile devices in the previous year by 49 percent of users, this year only 44 percent. In return, the proportion of desktop usage increased from 33 to 40 percent. What was also interesting to learn was, push notifications had poor opening rates and emails that usually land conventionally in the inbox are opened more frequently. This actually speaks against many tips from marketing experts, which certainly also has to be differentiated in the various sectors and target audiences. Exciting are the numbers but always! Just like other numbers and findings that emerge from the report. By the way, it can be requested free of charge if you give some information about yourself.