The social media newcomer

Would you have thought three or four years ago that Facebook will be taking a back seat to business and Instagram becomes the new “place to be”? Probably not. Nevertheless, it happened today. Besides these changes, there have been many more. All this shows that there is always a lot of movement in the area of ​​social networks – and that even the big top dogs could lose their importance (in marketing) in the near future. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to keep an eye on the newcomers too, because they can be the sales force of tomorrow!

When Instagram launched a few years ago, nobody would have dreamed that it would be one of the most popular social networks. And after Snapchat made a rocket-like start, many were astonished that it quickly lost popularity again. Now the next networks are in the starting blocks and some of them have the potential to grow up. It pays to keep an eye on it at least once.

The most interesting newcomers:

  1. Tiktok
    The app, which runs short video clips in a loop, was launched in 2017 and today boasts 500 million active users per month. The app has been downloaded more than 800 million times worldwide, surpassing the download figures of Facebook and Instagram. Especially popular with the app is currently the challenge function
  2. Lasso
    Quite unknown until now, Lasso could soon compete with Tiktok – and has the potential to emerge victoriously. Why? The app, which is in effect a Tiktok clone, comes directly from Facebook. Already it is possible to share the videos shared in Lasso on the Facebook stories and the same should soon be possible on Instagram. This makes the app attractive.
  3. Caffeine
    Livestreams are gaining more and more importance – and with Caffeine there is a platform that is fully focused and supported by big investors. In addition to the livestream streaming content of the computer or TV screen is possible, which is not only interesting for gamers.

This was just a glimpse into social network newcomers and there are many more interesting services that are in their infancy. It is worthwhile to stay on the ball and follow the development.