Algorithm Update for Google’s Review Rich Results

It’s not always easy to get the attention of searchers on Google Search. Those who are not investing in Ads must resort to other measures. A very popular means of attracting attention is the use of Review Rich Results, which show rating stars before the actual description. This is a quick way to stand out from the other search results and attract visitors to the website. But Google does not quite agree with the use of Review Rich Results at the moment. For this reason, there will now be an algorithm update to counteract invalid or misleading awards of this type.

If search results are labeled as Review Rich Results and have high ratings, they are often clicked more frequently than other search results. Of course, this sort of thing gets around and then this remedy is also used where it makes no sense at all – simply to secure an advantage. This should not be possible in the future, so there is an update that mainly concerns schema markups. Here are those limited to the types that Review Rich Results can be used. Who wants to use them in the future, must be limited to one of the following types:

  • Book
  • Course
  • Creative Work Season
  • Creative Work Series
  • episode
  • event
  • Game
  • HowTo
  • Local Business
  • Media Object
  • Movie
  • Music Playlist
  • Music Recording
  • Organization
  • Recipe
  • software Application

But there are still some restrictions. If you want to use the types LocalBusiness or Organization, you will only get the Review Rich Results if the reviews are not checked by yourself, because according to Google this has no benefit for the users.

Anyone looking for a Review Rich Result in the search must now also use a name attribute because without it, it won’t work anymore. More information about the update and how best to proceed in the future is documented on Google Developers