3 tips for effective A / B tests

We do not need to explain that A / B tests are important anymore. Only with them can weaknesses on a website be discovered and optimized. But it also comes back to mistakes, which then leads to false results and also to incorrect optimizations. However, if you do it right, you get important information that can significantly increase the success of a website. But what is the point of A / B testing? How should one proceed to get good results?

Stay simple for the start
Often there is a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to A / B testing, and many are so excited about the opportunities that come with it that they go straight to complicated processes and start with the first tests. That may work, but it’s better to start with simple tests in the beginning. This will allow you to work your way up step by step and gain valuable experience necessary for more advanced testing.

Know why you are testing something
There are many reasons why certain A / B tests are conducted on a website. It is therefore important to know your own – and hopefully this is not just based on reading somewhere that a test of this or that would be quite reasonable. Tests should always be based on analysis and data – otherwise it is difficult to improve.

Set up and use roadmap
Try something, change something quickly and move on? Unfortunately, far too many website operators are conducting their A / B tests. However, this procedure lacks some important intermediate steps. It is better to first collect data, to determine from this a reason for the test and to set a goal (traffic, conversion, etc.). Only then will it be time to test and implement what was learnt. When you are done, it starts again from the beginning.

A lot can be achieved with these tips, and many A / B tests will lead to better results in the future because it is simply a matter of planning and objectives. If A / B tests are seen as not just a one-off measure, but a permanent task for websites, really great results can be achieved, which of course leads to better sales.