Christmas Mega Promo 2019

Do you want to earn extra money at the end of the year? The answer is Yes Of Course! What do you think of getting a bonus with imaXcash or Online Dating Kings for every purchase in addition to the commissions on top? Sounds like a dreamy Christmas right?

Now for the important question, how does it work? Answer: Very easily! Just simply acquire 20% more DOI in December than you had in September and then you automatically get your bonus in addition to the rev-share commission!

Below is a breakdown on how the bonus will look:

Germany 70% + $ 20.00
Austria 70% + $ 20.00
Czech Republic 70% + $ 5.00
Slovakia 70% + $ 3.00
Croatia 70% + $ 2.00
Serbia 70% + $ 2.25
România 70% + $ 2.00
Poland 70% + $ 4.00
US 70% + $ 15.00
Italy 70 % + $ 20.00 (imaXcash only)
Portugal 70 % + $ 20.00 (imaXcash only)

Curious? Then it’s time for you to become active but before you do so please take note of the terms & conditions for this promo action, to avoid any misunderstandings.

This promotion is only for Rev-Share offers in the countries listed above. You will receive the bonus for every paid join in addition to your Rev-share commission. The requirements for granting the bonus payout are:
The number of DOI joins recorded during the period 1.12. – 31.12.2019 the paid joins originating from thereof.

Existing affiliates promoting rev-share offers that send 20 pct.

More DOI joins during the period 1.12. – 31.12.2019 compared to 1.9. – 30.9.2019 will also receive the bonus CPA payouts.

Bonus payments are only valid during the promotion period, and are calculated separately for each rev-share offer you promote. Of course, your affiliate manager will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Finally, an example of how the action can look like in numbers:

As an affiliate partner you applied for our Rev-Share offers and have achieved 100 DOI with a particular offer between 01.09.2019 to 30.09.2019. Between the 01.12.2019 and 31.12.2019 you would then need 120 DOI (ie a growth of 20 percent) on the same offer, to be eligible for the CPA Bonus promo action. For every additional confirmed purchase on this offer, there will not only be your regular commission, but also the CPA bonus on top.

Sounds great, right? Then do not wait any longer, take care of the good traffic and let the cash register ring right at the end of the year! What a special Christmas it will be!