The secrets of productive people

Especially now, as the year is swiftly coming to an end, one can only hope the Christmas business provides an upswing and the next year will be already planned, as we all wish to have longer days. In addition to all the work that has to be done, there should still be time left for family and friends, and one would also like to be able to enjoy a few quiet hours or integrate sports and other activities into the daily routine. For all this together, the days are just too short. Nevertheless, there is probably at least one person in the environment, who masters all this without any problems and is even relaxed. How does it work? With some tips and tricks that almost all successful people use!

Morning routines
How a day is decided is often already determined with the first activities in the morning. Those who read the emails in bed and are overwhelmed by inquiries and todo’s will probably spend the rest of the day reacting rather than acting. Important things remain and in the end there is the feeling that nothing has been achieved. It is better if the morning runs well and follows routines. It is ideal when rest, exercise and mental demands are integrated into the routines. Meditation, a workout and reading a book are part of the morning routine for many successful people. For many, this is followed by the completion of the most important task of the day – only then will they open the emails, social media channels, statistics, etc. and devote more relaxation to the daily business.

In addition to the morning routines, habits are also helpful for the rest of the day, helping us to be more focused and efficient. For example, you can make a habit of checking the email inbox three times a day – and tie that new habit to an existing one (after breakfast, lunch, and coffee break). This makes it easier to really stick to it and soon it becomes a normal process.

Even though it is often mentioned here with multitasking abilities, it is better to focus on just one thing. This allows tasks to be done much faster and more qualitatively than when you constantly switch back and forth and in your mind you are always three steps ahead.

Energy management
We all have times in the day when we are bursting with energy and then there are times when working becomes torture. It is important to know these times and to plan the day accordingly. Important tasks are done when the energy is highest and when the head is already smoking and no clear thought is possible, sports or just a walk, meeting friends or the like to refill the battery. Only in this way can we continue to work productively for a long time without burning out.

In addition to these tips, there are many more that can be found especially in very successful people. But this alone is a good basis to get things done faster and better while still having time for family, friends and your own health.