Digital 2019 quarter 3 – interesting facts and figures!

How do people around the world use the Internet, mobile devices, social media and e-commerce? An interesting question to which the Digital 2019 Report for Q3 answers. Hootsuite and We Are Social have created an overview together and thus provide interesting insights into many areas.

There are currently 7.73 billion people worldwide, 5.15 billion unique mobile users, 4.47 billion using the Internet, 3.72 billion active on social media and 3.66 billion using their smartphones for social media use. These figures come from October 2019 and show how much the use of smartphones, internet and social media is anchored in our lives. These figures are then even more interesting compared to the previous year. This shows that since October 2018 almost all areas of growth have been recorded. Social Media Mobile accounts for 15 percent, the Internet for 10 percent, and active social media users for 9.6 percent more. Impressive, right?

What do users do on the Internet? The most popular websites used are Google, Youtube and Facebook. This also coincides with the most common searches on Google itself. Facebook is not as dead as it is said in the media. In fact, social media is now used by almost half of the world’s population – on mostly mobile. Facebook is ahead of the pack, as well as in the potential reach. It is interesting to know that Facebook and Twitter are more likely to reach the male audience, while women are more likely to be found on Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Of course, anyone posting content online should also be guided by what the users like to consume. Thus, producing videos should be at the top of the ToDo list. Music streaming, online radio and even podcasts are very popular, and also for booking advertising.

Another interesting area is the use of apps. In the third quarter of 2019, a total of 31 billion apps were downloaded and $ 23 billion spent for it during that period. In addition to Facebook, it is above all the Chinese providers who dominate the apps market. Meanwhile, six of the top ten most used mobile apps are from Chinese companies. Even more interesting statistics that illuminate, for example, the Internet connections and others, can be read in the report.