This is how campaigns become successful

Those who really want to earn money today cannot help but deal with paid campaigns. No matter which platform or service you use, in the end, the turnover must be higher than the stake, so it’s worth it. It’s not always easy to achieve and from the ad to the lead.

Whether a campaign succeeds or not depends on many campaigns. Usually there are many points in the design of the ads where improvements are possible. But advertising is not always the problem itself. Then the advertisement brings clicks, but after that no conversion takes place, the error lies elsewhere. Then you have to take a look at the website or landing page. Actually this is quite logical, but still many do not get the idea – and even if they recognize the problem, they are blind to their own website and do not know where the potential for improvement is.

We have dealt with campaigns for many years and have been able to gain a lot of experience. In our own campaigns and, of course, in those of our partners, we have seen, tried and learned a lot. Our conclusion, is often always the same things affected the conversion after clicking on the ad. In addition, it is often simple mistakes that we do not even notice them. Therefore, it is even more important to keep an eye on the basics. For us, there are three main factors that make a campaign successful beyond the ads!

  1. Technical problems
    Sounds weird, but if there are bad conversions, there are often technical mistakes. Missing graphics, wrong or even not existing links and other little things can quickly become a problem without it being recognizable at first glance. Therefore: Before a campaign is released, the associated website / landing page should be thoroughly tested.
  2. Design / Usability
    Nothing deters users more than an outdated, loveless design that may not be displayed properly on their device. If it is still overloaded and thus becomes confusing, hardly anyone buys anymore. It is only much worse if the user’s purchase is made difficult by having to click through the offer endlessly or not even find the opportunity to enter his data. Therefore, keep the design up-to-date and keep the website itself lean and clear.
  3. Loading time
    Still a big topic for many websites: the page load time! Often when creating websites / landing pages just too little attention is paid to how long it takes to load a page. If a lot of external pages are loaded then this can also affect the load time – and no user wants to wait more than 5 seconds to see content. Often, even a charge time of not more than 3 seconds is recommended. There is potential for improvement on many pages.

The three tips here are really the basics, but often the reason why the conversion does not work out the way you want it to.