Improve your CTR

It really would be a nice idea to put a website online, do some advertising and watch the money coming in; but unfortunately it’s not that easy! In order to earn money, especially long term, you have to do a little more. You need to know what is important and how to recognize where optimization is needed. The click-through rate (CTR) is an indicator that you should keep an eye on it.

The CTR meets you again and again, if you want to make money online. If you buy advertising, the CTR tells you a lot about the success, because it gives you the relationship between impressions and clicks. That says a lot about the relevance of advertising; but not only in campaigns is the CTR important. For example, on the website or landing page, you can also track the CTR of your links and see if they are responding to your call-to-actions or not.

What a good CTR is, cannot be said universally. There are studies that sometimes give the average CTR for an industry (dating always performs well), but there are simply too many factors involved here that could be called a fixed value. Therefore, the higher the CTR, the better it is. But what can we do to increase the CTR?

  1. Use pictures
    Pictures are always an eye-catcher and attract attention. Therefore, it is not only important to use them, but always to ensure that the user in the immediate vicinity of the image can also come with a click.
  2. Customize call-to-actions
    CTA’s are important, we all know that and hopefully they will be used strategically everywhere. However, if the CTR is not convincing, the call-to-actions need to be improved. There is a lot to achieve with A / B tests.
  3. Use heatmaps
    Do you know how your visitors are moving around your site and what’s most likely to catch their eye? With heatmaps you can easily find this out and then use the CTAs where they are respected.

Therefore, it’s often just minor changes you need to make, to positively influence your CTR. So it really pays off, because only when a click has been made, can the lead monetize!