Tool Tip – Icon Organizer

Whether in web design or when creating artwork for advertising: icons are useful and a part of the process more often than not. Obviously, there , some for free, others for a fee. Usually, it’s the established stock image platforms that are used to search for the appropriate icons. You can also download anything that appears to be useful that appears to be available for free. By simply searching and clicking through countless pages and files in order to find the right one.

Iconset is a free tool for managing icons and making them searchable. It is available as a quick download for macOS and Windows. There are also some icon packs on its website, that can be added to the tool by simply selecting them, and can then be used immediately. The structure of the program is very simple, an overview of the existing sets, a search function, and the option to create one’s favorites, for a quick access. Of course, it is also possible to import additional sets from other sources – all the sets can also be exported.

This is what makes the tool very useful for anyone, who creates some artwork, at least once in a while. You won’t be able to do without it anymore. In any case, it makes sense to name the icons properly, so that they can then be simply found using the search function. For example, an icon for a credit card payment should not be named icon123.svg – the search function will obviously not work here. Of course, the icon sets can also be displayed fully, so that the right icon can be found by pre-viewing – depending on the number of sets created. But this is a task that takes a lot of time. And we usually don’t have enough of it, do we?