Month: April 2020

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Grow Your Earnings with a WhiteLabel

If you are about to use proven dating offers such as those available with imaXcash, everything is in place, the promo tools, rigorously tested designs, tracking – more importantly a top optimized product that’s constantly improved in order to grow it’s performance and returns for those that promote it online.

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How to Deal with High Bounce Rates

While getting traffic to one’s site is an everlasting challenge, that’s just the beginning of the whole conversion / monetization process. You also want to keep those visitors on site, and eventually to convert them (as many as possible). One of the most important indicators of a site’s performance is

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Dating Has No Real Rules

We often go through all sorts of online dating blogs and check for feedback from the online dating site users themselves. How they react to various sites, what features they like and similar. In order to find out what could may be the right idea to implement next, in order

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A Spring PC Clean Out

An interesting perspective from one of our colleges which may be worth sharing: “I’ve stumbled upon a new tool that really excited me. It promised to save time as well as to make the work more effective. I signed up right away, watched the video tutorial, checked it out and

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Marketing in the Corona Times

The Corona pandemics poses a brand new challenge, in fact a lot of challenges. Everything is upside down and what was true yesterday may be irrelevant today. This also extends to the work management, and business in general. While we online marketers may be lucky to continue working (many don’t

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