About 90 % of Websites Get No Google Traffic

The times when you can just buy a very good domain and cash on the keyword that it represents are no longer there. Also the amount of type-ins one could get are more and more limited. One would think that no website can exist without Google. Quite the opposite is true though.

A Study that analyzed approximately one billion websites have come to a very surprising conclusion, and thus that 90 % of analyzed websites get no organic traffic from Google. Ahrefs, the SEO-Tool provider, analyzed how is the Google traffic distributed.

With so many searches conducted every day – one would think that there must be countless sites at the receiving end. As it appears, only ten percent of the site get organic Google traffic. Out of these ten percent, whole four percent get less than 10 visitors a month. Only 0,3 % of all analyzed websites get more than 1 000 monthly visitors from Google.

Of course the study cannot be just accepted as universal truth. Anyway, it shows a notable pattern. Ahrefs, as it could be expected, stresses the important of quality and relevant link building. Another point recommended is proper keyword research, where many try to aim at keywords that don’t bring no solid results. Important is that the keywords much how the users search for them. So nothing entirely new under the sun.