Month: September 2020

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Online Dating Market – Germany

As we often do, we take a look at various markets and their potential for online dating. One of the markets that we didn’t cover in much detail lately is the one and original market where we first built our online dating offers – Germany. According to various polls, 44

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Online Dating – a Future Market

A basic question for every business segment is whether there is a market for it, and whether the market is stable and with a perspective. How does online dating fare? Well one can pretty much expect that people will not stop dating anytime soon, let’s take a look at several

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3 Tips How to Grow your CTR

Put up a website, advertise it a little bit and cash in? That’s how it used to work in the past time from time, but today no longer the case. Especially if one wants to make a steady income. When it comes to what has to be in place in

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