Want to Learn a New Programming Language?

Some of you may be proficient in one or even multiple programming languages, if you want to expand your skill set in 2021 – which ones make would make the most sense to look at?

When it comes to the programming languages it is somewhat similar to learning a regular foreign language. Some are pretty much universal and one can get by with them everywhere. Others are better suited for particular countries, here are the three we picked that you may find worth checking out:


Python is a well established programming language (about 30 years old by now), it is however also one that is extremely valued when it comes to online and web development. Python is not too difficult to learn. It uses a common sense structured, English syntax.

No matter if it’s about artificial intelligence, cloud configuration or machine learning – Python is the no. 1 choice. Big brands such as Youtube, Instagram or Reddit bet on Python when it comes to their backend programming.


JavaScript is one of the most important program languages when it comes to web. Originally the purpose was to make the websites more dynamic, without their performance suffering. In time – JavaScript became an integral part of web development.

Most dynamic web elements, pdf’s, e-books – that’s where one can find JavaScript. It has a lot of use in mobile area as well, including progressive web and native apps. Therefore it’s usability in the future is more or less guaranteed.


Being around since the middle of the 90’s, the programming language made it big with its 2004 Ruby on Rails web framework. This programming language is well known for its flexibility and easy of use. Ruby is primarily used for creating and modifying all sorts of web features.

Don’t forget there’s a very solid offering of online courses available for any of these languages!