Make 2021 into your Best Year Yet!

New Year brings new opportunities. Many who make their living online generally plan their year, and it’s also an opportunity to test out some new verticals, offers or programs. This is of course true for dating affiliates also, who may be on a lookout for a reputable partner with GEO’s or niches that they haven’t tested yet.

imaXcash is a time proven, rock solid partner that has a lot to offer, this year alone we’ve introduced many new GEO’s including Switzerland, Norway. Sweden, Argentina or Mexico. Besides that, also new niches such as BDSM, MILF or even 50 + Dating were introduced.

Apart from the vast offer of GEO’s and niches available, there are also advanced promo tools available to make one’s work easier, among the many reasons why you should promote imaXcash belong:

  • Custom payout options (Rev-Share, CPA + CPL on demand)
  • Payouts every 2 Weeks
  • Rigorously tested landing pages
  • Regularly updated banners
  • Custom banner designer
  • An option to monetize your email lists – ask as for more details
  • RSS Feeds
  • Profile Deep links
  • Customizable SignUp Boxes

    and more

The most important part is that we never cease to improve our product, the offers that you promote – in order order so we both stay on top of the game and keep the bottom line stable and growing.

Happy New Year from imaXcash and here’s to a successful 2021!