Tool Tip – Find Web Errors with ToastLog!

When it comes to designing web errors are pretty much given. Some are easy to spot, some may be a bit difficult to uncover, unless one tests very extensively. Even a minor error can cost you money and returns, if the page you’re designing is a commercial page that’s supposed to earn. Most developer tools are not much of a help either.

Is there a tool that makes checking for errors easy? There sure are, one which we can recommend is Toastlog! This tool was developed by a developer who found the complex development tools not really suitable, when it comes to checking for errors.

Once the tool is activated in a browser, it displays what may not work properly on a website that you browse. In the bottom right – one can check the errors, logs and warnings. On top of that, the browser extension is very slim and doesn’t slow down the browsing. One can also find the error location in the code, since it’s a part of every error message.

Toastlog is a tool that is more than handy for just about everyone serious about testing web!