Google Data gives great insights

At Screenshotwhich day are the most sales in online stores? How many people have found their partners via online dating and how many look at a TV advertising via their smartphone for a product that was advertised? One of these questions may be interesting for owners of websites – and beyond, our marketing professionals still have many more questions to which we need fast and simple answers.

In times of big data nothing is really hidden. It is easily recorded and as users behave and what they do, but data is also increasingly prepared, pooled and made available. Mostly this happens in really comprehensive statistics and it may take some time until you have burrowed through the masses of surveys and find what you need.

Fortunately this gets easier and faster. And once again it is the search giant Google, which provides data of all possible nature not only available, but also makes it easy accessible. With “Think with Google” is now a data-search engine online (currently still in beta), which gives out to keywords more or less interesting data. The core of the information can be seen more quickly, tags make connections at first glance clear and there is even a time declaration and the source for the data.

The informations are shown on small data card that can be downloaded directly or shared. Thus, you can obtain not only information for your own marketing activities, but include the card directly into the content marketing.