AMP Ads are there!

street-692157_640In early June we have already addressed the issue of AMP-Ads in the blog – now the first tests are done and AMP can also be used for advertisements. Behind the name AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the idea that websites load in milliseconds. A transaction that is becoming increasingly important especially in times of mobile browsing, because currently too often and it is still felt an eternity until one or the other site is loaded on the smartphone. After AMP was quite well received by website operators, it was the next step, that even advertisements was now load faster.

With the AMP Ads it can implement well. But of course it is not quite so easy to bring everything together. For this reason one has adapted to four basic techniques that are designed to ensure that advertisements does not slow down the speed:

1. First the content, then the advertising
If a website loaded, the content is in the foreground and will also be loaded first. The advertisements are loaded later so they do not affect the display of the content.

2. Restricted area
AMP Ads can be limited – more specifically in a rectangular space. This is intended to prevent pop-ups appear or advertising appearing across the content.

3. Limitation
Javascripts, such as document.write, which always again be used in advertising, are mitigated with AMP. So it is only the defined advertising space available.

4. Resources
Elaborate animations and other gimmicks pull scary to the resource and thus in Mobile Devices even at the battery life. Again, to be created from AMP remedy, the code for the “browser-intervention”, would be removed by AMP.

Despite all the advantages, that were brought by AMP and AMP Ads already, we stand here still in its infancy and it is in an experimental phase. Just AMP Ads should support long term ad networks and thus to contain the problem of load times for all.

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