Facebook brings many new things

FacebookDepending on where you currently are in the world, Facebook is right their with you and it always seems to come up with something new. In recent weeks already went live function through the ceiling and extending the possible time streaming was gratefully accepted. Now, issues such as the changes in the conversion pixels are a big issue, and just now I read the news that Facebook is currently testing an offline video feature that aims to Snapchat as well. So if you are working a lot with Facebook and the possibilities offered by the Social Network, their will be no time to rest.

The subject of conversion pixel is currently in all media and of course particularly interested in those who work with Facebook ads. The fact that the conversion pixels disappear’s is known for a long time, and now following the implementation. So it is no longer possible, to create the conversion pixels with new accounts and soon he is no longer supported and has to change to the new Facebook Pixel, to continue to work with retargeting and co.

But even with the Facebook pages there are news in some countries. A new layout is coming, so some title pictures no longer really fit and the designers have to be active again to implement the changes. The challenge is always to create a cover that the message conveyed good and appealing on both the desktop and on mobile devices.

And if all this was not enough in a time when you areion vacation mode and have relaxation on your mind, is the message that Facebook is currently testing the possibility of offline videos, again fodder for much speculation. The offline videos are being successfully tested in India and arose from the idea that the video capabilities by Facebook could be used without large data volume. It was aimed above all on lower-income countries – after the very successful test is now, however, the consideration to extend the project. This could be take up the fight with Snapchat and perhaps more secure user shares there at the same time.

It will be exciting with Facebook in the coming days and it also does not seem as if it would be more quiet in the coming weeks and months.

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