HTTPS is spreading ever further

httpsCreate secure online connections – a long time issue where sensitive data was added. So mostly where payment transactions have taken place. There are employed for many years already on HTTPS and it is important so that the customer need not worry about their data. Apart from these data streams HTTPS, however, was a long time not a big issue. But in 2015, the HTTPS share has more than doubled.

HTTPS is really nothing new or trendy. Instead, the protocol was introduced over 20 years ago and since then clients and server communications are encrypted. For this SSL certificates are used – and these were not always cheap. Especially if you work with a three-digit number of sites as a webmaster that could be an enormous cost factor. Therefore, HTTPS was never an issue for the most.

Now in 2015 the share has more than doubled – and in 2016 an even larger increase will be recorded. But why? Experts consider the positive increase in 2015 mainly as good input from Facebook and Google. As the use of HTTPS ahead and also applied themself. And Google makes HTTPS to owners of websites attractive: HTTPS has become a ranking factor. And although the impact may not be as large, each ranking factor can decide on a few places in the SERP’s and is therefore important.

Still, the problem exists, that the use was not cheap. Many hosters offers since this year in their hosting packages also SSL certificates for a small amount or completely free in addition there are also free providers with free certificates that can be integrated. Thus there is no excuse not to switch to HTTPS and to make the Internet so much safer.

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