New banners for MILFSuche!

932cd349-0076-43ef-b6bd-2839999002f6We recently introduced our new niche offering As the name suggests, your users have the opportunity to meet with hot moms and married women. Many of our webmasters have asked for this niche and the offer will be used for the appropriate traffic. But an offer alone is not enough, and of course, advertising is important for success.

So, of we did not hesitate in responding, but instead created a series of new banners, which are precisely aimed at the needs and fantasies of the users. The banners are now available in imaXcash and can be used immediately. In addition to conventional banners in many different sizes and styles, we have also created mobile site banners for the offer.

With our new you address a well defined target group that seeks dates with housewives. What’s at stake, it is clear, but also to recognize at first glance the design not only in the name. The application itself is short and simple, so that the threshold is very low and the first tests with the product have shown great conversions.

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