Why Canada is making a good start in 2017

canadian-traffic-wantedWhat has Canada to do with your success in 2017? Very much – that is at least our opinion. Because if you now focus on marketing activities around Canada and apply our new product for this country, you can count on really good conversion rates that will turn your traffic into money. With a clear plus to your revenue that you achieve, you can start right away full of energy into the new year and can have sales growth. You see, Canada and a successful 2017 have a lot to do with each other 😉

We are more than satisfied with the launch of our new product for Canada, and are confident that thanks to us and thanks to our partners, some Canadians have been able to experience hot dates in the cold season. But we also know that there is a lot more here. In the various traffic exchanges, there is still a lot of Canadian dating traffic to buy and also in the field of search engine optimization is still possible in the market. So we are counting on you and your commitment to rock Canada in the next few weeks.

As we have heard, however, is now also whispered and the first partners ask themselves, which country we introduce next and thus include in imaXcash. But we will not tell you anything yet – but on Friday we will have the news and until then get the links for the Canadian product and get once again really weaving!

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