With imaXcash to South Africa

In the last few weeks we have been together with you on the journey. From Spain, we went across the US to Canada and introduced you the new products for those countries. And today we travel further and change the continent. From Canada, where it is rather cold at this time, we go to sunny South Africa, where you can enjoy pleasant temperatures at this time of the year. The temperatures are, however, rather secondary – it is much more interesting that we now offer a product for the South African market and you can blast your account with 70% RevShare!

With all the countries around the world, you may be wondering why our new product has just been created for South Africa. However, there are good reasons for this, even if it is not clear at first sight: South Africa is an interesting market, which will continue to grow in the coming years. At present, approximately 55.8 million people live in South Africa and the average age is just 25.7 years. The affinity to the Internet is high due to the young population of the country and statistics show that also the online dating plays a role.

For casual dating in South Africa the people pay currently about 3 million dollars per year. Forecasts show that in the year 2021 a market volume of 5 million is expected – so there is an annual growth of 7.4 percent – and this is a reason to take a close look at the market and try out what’s going on here. With our new dating product, we offer you the opportunity.

Are you still skeptical? Then we have more interesting facts for you: The promotion for the South African market is easier than you might think. English is one of the country’s languages and so there are no language barriers. Internet usage in South Africa is also widespread. More than half the population is regularly online!

Take the first step into an interesting growth market and get the links to your promotion right away in imaXcash. With 70% RevShare commission you can push your statistics up again at the end of the year with the new offer and also have a great start to the next year!

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