Traffic slump yesterday?

Yesterday, a significant drop in traffic can occur in many countries around the world – and the fault is a Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft. All over the world, various Internet providers reported that the computers can no longer connect to the Internet and the computers are offline. The providers did not blame, but Microsoft itself is responsible for these problems.

With an update for Windows 10 (possibly also Windows 8.1) changes to DHCP components were made, which ensure that the computer vie DHCP no longer gets an IP address from the router and thus use the fallback address. This will not connect to the Internet. A remedy can be created by setting the IP configuration to manual. However, this is not known to the customers and for many of them are not clear.

The providers are already in exchange with Microsoft and look for solutions for this problem and thus also for relief in their hotlines. So far, however, they can not say when there will be a solution and the problems are fixed. Until then, the disturbances are likely to create a certain chaos – both in private as well as in business.

So we can now also expect a drop in traffic, so we hope that the problems will be resolved as soon as possible and at least in the evening then everything goes back to normal.

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