Too many messengers cause chaos

Working online has many advantages. Wherever we can go online, we can also work and even in companies or projects that are managed by the team, it is no longer necessary to sit together. Thanks to various tools and messengers you can also work easily when hundreds or even thousands of kilometers lies between. Even mobile is thanks to WhatsApp and similar services the contact at any time possible. But these tools and messengers can also become a problem.

While you are still participating in a video conference in Skype, a message in Slack comes in and as if that was not enough, still beeps the smartphone, because in a WhatsApp group is a hot debat. These are the moments when you are cursed with all these great online tools. Whilst we can no longer live without these tools sometimes the chaos is hard to manage.

It would be easier if you had at least one messenger or one tool to manage everything. And with “Franz” this is now possible. Franz is an Austrian messenger app, which is supposed to eliminate chaos. The Messenger app combines the most popular messengers and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Whoever wants to curb the chaos in the future should, in any case, “Franz” look more closely.