Microsoft also turns off Flash

Google has gradually turned its back on the Flash content of the Chrome browser. Now, Microsoft is also catching up and wants to allow users of the Edge browser step by step to control content with Flash. The goal is the Edge users can activate the use of Flash at explicit request. First tests are to be carried out soon with Windows Insider users. For all other users of the Microsoft browser, there is no date for the conversion.

As with Chrome, the transition to the Edge browser is to be done step by step. For example, there are still some exceptions for popular websites so that Flash can still be used there. However, the list of these exceptions should then be gradually reduced until the user has to decide for himself or herself whether Flash is activated or not.

Microsoft recommented to the developers, in the future on Javascript or HTML5 convert and leave flash out. This not only achieves better performance, but also offers a higher level of safety and stability. For 2017, many people have set themselves the goal of forgoing the use of Flash or giving users the opportunity to decide what they want to use or not.