Dating on the green island

Ireland is known for its great landscapes, the beer, the whiskey and the social life of the people. Not only as a holiday destination the island is very popular but much more in Ireland’s traditions and modernity meets and make the island so lovable and livable. Modernity is shown above all by many tech companies that have opened branch offices or even company headquarters in Ireland. This increases the attractiveness of the country extremely and although the Irish are proud of their traditions, they also look forward to good infrastructure and fast internet connections.

At present, about 4.7 million people live in Ireland and the average age is the lowest in Europe at 36.9 years. Ireland is also one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe – and is therefore also very interesting for online dating. The Irish are fond of online and in rural areas, where the internet is not the best way to get to know new people and have fun with them. Online dating is very important and is often used.

One more reason for the online dating: Ireland’s women are very demanding! If you are talking to women in pubs or on other occasions, they are friendly and helpful, but check out exactly whether more is to run or not. So you often spend several evenings in search – without a positive result. Online dating is much easier and the Irish men know this. Therefore, there is no lack of interested customers in Ireland!

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