The iPhone celebrates 10-year anniversary

The first week of the new year is still feeling somewhat quieter. Everything is still dampened as packed in cotton wool and even the never-ending stream of news and information on the web seems to flow a bit slower. That is why we do not want to end this week with groundbreaking news, but rather adapt to the general mood and take a look out of the box and here we noticed something beautiful: the iPhone is celebrating it’s 10th birthday this year.

On January 9, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs appeared at Macworld stating: “Today, we are introducing to you three revolutionary products: the first is a widescreen iPod with touch screen, the second is a revolutionary mobile phone and the third is a new Internet communications device, which means a real breakthrough “. In the course of the conference, it became clear that these three devices were united in one and the device iPhone was named.

Indeed, it was a real breakthrough, even through there were still doubts at first. One was still in the Blackberry era and initially the EDGE connection (2.5G), which was the only one supported by the iPhone, which was hopelessly overwhelmed by data transfer. This, however, could not slow the enthusiasm of the people and thus the smartphone was improved every year, not always was it smooth sailing without a problem (think of the antenna gate), but the popularity of the device did not stop.

Although today many devices are on the market and Android smartphones are widely used, the iPhone is still the measure of all things and everyone look forward to what Apple presents as the next device. Even though the innovative power has declined a little, you cannot constantly change the world, as it has been done by the iPhone.

In this sense: Happy Birthday, iPhone!